December 12, 2001

Today was our first 4 mile run. Woo! 4 miles! Longest run ever, in both distance and time. Woo hoo! It wasn’t so bad, I was ready for it to be over when it was, though. We ran the levee, out and back, and the wind was in our face the whole way back. Made it a bit of a struggle. But it was good, took us 56 minutes, give or take, so we ran 14 minute miles.

I’m proud of our accomplishment…now for a 5 miler on Saturday, while we visit our friends in the Woodlands. (See here for the story of the path that almost killed me last time I ran it…not this time!)

I just don’t have much more to say today. Work has kept me so busy that when I get home from work, I just flop on the couch and read or watch TV. I have no problem with that. I do lift the hand weights for a while before I go to sleep, to try to tone my arms, but other than that, nothing.