First day of kindergarten

(Did I spell that right? It’s one of those words I’ll never be totally confident I’m spelling right, like niece. Neice? You know what I mean.)

Anyway, yes. Today is the boys’ first day of kindergarten. We went to the school on Monday to get their class assignments, and I’m very happy with their teachers and who is in their classes. (Is it wrong that I was more concerned about the friends in their classes than their teachers?) Oliver has Linus’s teacher from last year, and Miles’s teacher’s aid from last year. Miles and Linus have new male teachers, but Linus’s aid is Miles’s from last year. Confusing enough? Millie is now in Oliver’s class, and the boys’ twin BFFs are, like last year, one in Oliver’s class, and the other in Linus’s. Anyway.

I cut their hair last night, for the first day of school. Tried to make it look different from each other. I may have gone a bit far. Ah well, they’re boys! It will grow back!

At home:


Walking into school (Oliver still a little weirded out by his super short hair):

When we got inside, they weren’t thrilled to be going into their classes, but it went much better than last year. The sweetest, most heartwarming moment ever ever ever was when Oliver was standing outside his class, not budging. So I went inside and grabbed Anders (one of the aforementioned twins) and asked him to come see Oliver. He walked up to Oliver and gave him and enormous hug (well, first he went for Miles) and then the two of them walked into the classroom without a backwards glance. Oh, my heart!


Sniff, sniff, they’re growing up so fast!

PS Look at them compared to the window for the first day of school last year and two years ago…yep, they’re growing!

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  1. Pam Johnston

    Wow, they are getting so big, and still so cute! You will have your hands full…..not with only triplet boys but with all the girls they will attract! 🙂


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