Good stuff

Just wanted to post about some good things. All sorts of good things. Okay, maybe just two good things.

The other night was White Linen Night. It’s like a block party on this street with lots of art galleries. You wear white. Duh. I haven’t been in years, but when I heard my cousin Clark was having a show at one of the galleries, I made it a priority to go this year. Me and Steph went. It was fun.

White Linen Night 2013
Me and my baby cousin. He is very tall.


White Linen Night 2013
He is also very goofy and he has the best laugh. Great guy.


White Linen Night 2013

(BTW, Clark painted the big mural that I took the boys’ Christmas pictures in front of last year. Remember this beaut?)

And I ran into the boys’ teachers from last year! That was fun.

White Linen Night

Also good? These Greek yogurt bars. I cannot get enough of them. Which isn’t a Good Thing. But they’re only 2 WW points, so heck, even if I eat the whole box (which I totally could do), it wouldn’t destroy me. It also comes in pints. Soooo goooooooood!