December 13, 2001

Ha ha, today was a bad day! I don’t feel bad about it, though. It was just one of those days when running just wasn’t happening for us. We got to the fly, ready to do our 3 miles, but it was in the mid to high 70s, with high humidity. Not mid-December weather. No, this is spring in Louisiana. Anyway, we ran by the river, within area bounded by the train tracks when we (of course) heard a train coming. There was no way were were going to make it past the tracks before the train got there, so we ended up stopping and stretching while the train went by. It didn’t take very long. Meanwhile, Kristina was in a really bad mood. My left calf was tight, and by the time we got to the park about ten minutes later, I didn’t feel like running either. It was just one of those days. The thought of going all the way around the park (which is only a mile and a half, we’re not talking about huge distances here) made both of us want to stop. So we did. We walked a little further, then turned around, and walked back to the car. We ended up running probably a mile and a half and walking a half a mile or so, but neither of us were bothered by it. After all, as Kristina pointed out, this was the first time since we have been able to run 30 minutes that we haven’t. This time, it was choice, not inability.

I think it was because of the long run yesterday that I didn’t feel up to running today. I think I should schedule the mid-week medium run the day after a short run and the day before a rest day instead of a rest day before and a short run after. Hmmm. Or I can move the short run to the day before the long run, but I think it’s best to have that sandwiched by rest days.

Next run: 5 miles…uh oh!