December 19, 2001

Ooooooof! Last night I may have overdone it a tad. Well, not really, but I’m sure feeling a little sore today! I went to the gym with Ren and we got there half an hour before her aerobics class was to start, but I got immediately on a treadmill. This meant that I had an hour and a half before she was to be done with her class. Not a big deal, it took me an hour to get through the four miles I had planned, plus the cool down. Boy! Treadmills these days are fancy! I programmed this treadmill for my 4 mile goal, and I could set pace/speed and look at how many calories I was burning (over 600 total! Woo!) and how far I’d gone. Well, I know those aren’t exactly new features on treadmills, but this one was so nice! And it had a heart rate monitor thing, but it didn’t seem to work (or I couldn’t figure it out) because my heart was either beating at 67 beats per minute or 199. So either I was dead or dying. Don’t think it was accurate. Ha ha. That’s okay, I’ll be getting my own HRM soon (Santa willing!) I had the incline set at 1% but sometimes made it 1.5% just for fun. (Wooooo!) About half way through it, my feet started going numb, and my right calf was a little sore but I didn’t want to stop the treadmill to retie my laces or stretch because that would have messed up my calculations and my rhythm. I think that is one of the main downsides of treadmills. You can’t just easily stop. Or if you do, you have to reacclimate to non-moving ground again. It’s just a pain. Plus, my lower back was aching, but I know that’s just because it isn’t strong enough. I hope I also get the balance ball I asked for so I can strengthen my core. Exciting!

So after I got off the treadmill I had half an hour before Ren’s class ended. I stretched a little and decided to walk around the indoor track for a little while. It’s one of those 9-times-around-per-mile tracks but it’s so lovely and air-conditioned (the treadmill area is not so well ventilated) that I couldn’t resist. Plus, I was trying to get my land legs back. But walking wasn’t cutting it for me, so I started to run. What a difference! The ground felt so hard (though the track is relatively soft) which sucked but at the same time I felt like I was flying (and I know I wasn’t running that fast!) It was fun. Plus, with the air conditioning vents blowing cold air on you almost constantly, it’s a little like running in heaven. I ran around 3 or 4 times, then got bored with it (see, it’s not ideal) so I stretched a little more. With 10 minutes before Ren was finished, I got on one of the stationary bikes and leisurely cycled for 10 minutes or so.

A good workout, overall. I worry that I did too much, though the track and the bike were hardly taxing. I think I may go with her sometimes on my off days, or my short run days and do the aerobics class. It focuses on abs, back, and thighs (or is it abs, butt and thighs? either is good with me) which seems like it would help with my running. Or at least be some interesting cross-training. Ren says she can barely move after the class. Sounds good!

I overslept this morning (the electricity went out in our apartment overnight, so my alarm clock went out) so I feel great today! Nice and well-rested! I wouldn’t have woken up at all, I don’t think, if it hadn’t been for Stinky meowing for her food.

Tomorrow I’ll run again, 3 miles. Maybe I’ll go to the levee.

Cool! Found an article from The Times with quotes from runners about the London Marathon. One is from Mike Henry, the Reluctant Runner! Yay! Cool! Here’s the link, hope it still works! If not, here’s what Mike said:

“I have no views on why the Flora London is the best marathon in the world because I have not run it yet. But I do know how to lose 17lb in ten weeks because I have done that while training for the 2002 race. Mike Henry”