December 20, 2001

Ahhhh, life is wonderful! The sun shines, the temperature has dropped, Pam is a happy, happy girl!

Nothing to do with running, though. Didn’t run this morning. Was supposed to. Why not? Well, Sarah, my business partner/boss called me last night at 11, as I was preparing to go to sleep to get up at 7 for my run. She had had a few drinks, and asked what was wrong with me. I haven’t been so very nice to her recently, instead I’ve been projecting my frustrations with work on her. I have felt for a long time that she no longer thinks of me as a partner, but rather as an employee. Technically, I am, but we built this business from the ground up. She is the business/money/management, I am the creative/talent. Neither of us could have done anything without the other. (Well, I guess I could have been any old web designer, but nothing would have been the same, and the idea for Mardi Gras Store was all hers.)

Anyway, we hashed it out, and I told her the basis for all of my bad feelings. See, all I want from life is to live in England. And Sarah is (technically) British. She promised me a year or so ago that she would help me to live in England one day. (My goal was by the time I turned 30, which is now about 3 years away. Gulp.) However, I started to doubt that this would really happen, and started to wonder what I was doing with this company if I was going to be underpaid and still never get to live in England. (I don’t mind making a sacrifice now if it means I get to live in the UK later.)

So the upshot is that she said she wants me to be happy, and if that means living in England, then so be it. So Kristina will leave New Orleans in August, our lease will be up, and that’s our goal. For me to live in England in August. Ack! My dream, coming true much sooner than I had originally anticipated!

Of course, we have to figure out how to get me there. Set up a business? Get me hired somewhere? Freelance? Marry a British man? (ha ha) Whatever, I don’t care! So now I’m off to research ways to get a work visa…

If this didn’t make much sense, I apologize. I’m just so excited about it!

PS I’ll run tomorrow morning.