December 29, 2001

Week 1, Day 4

Ahhhhh….just got back from my 5 miler! I had already planned to take walk breaks during my long runs, but perhaps not as many as I took today. That’s okay, I’m happy with it anyway. I got Kristina to drop me off about 4 miles down the levee from the park, then I’d do a mile in the park. However, I went at 1 p.m. , in the full sun with no shade on the levee at all. So I had to revise a bit, and walk more than I’d planned. But I ran down St. Charles Avenue for the first time ever (it’s kind of scary, with all the cars, and the streetcars, because you kind of feel like you’re on display, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be…except when I had streetcars on either side of me – only about a foot from either side. eeps!)

Anyway, I’d estimate I walked more than I ran, overall, but I’m pretty sure I also went more than 5 miles total. Hard to say, but it was hot and I even got a little sunburn. Hmmmm. I walked and ran for a total of 1:25.35, so unless I was averaging 17 minute/miles, which is highly unlikely since I was running 12:20 miles (when I ran) I had to go more than 5 miles. Yay!

Next run is a 3 miler on Monday. Kristina said she’d run it with me. Yay again!