January 2, 2002

Happy new year! So far, so good…well, I haven’t actually run yet, so maybe in that context I shouldn’t say anything yet.

It’s finally gotten cold in Louisiana, and when I say cold, I mean cold! Today it’s in the thirties, and yesterday it was gray and drizzly. Perfect for staying inside, wrapped up in blankets, watching movies and reading, but not so perfect for going over to someone’s house to watch football. Both of which we did. Though I should say the game was good, LSU (my alma mater) won and all that. Kristina and I went to Anne’s mom’s house, where we always get fed well and get sent home with lots of leftovers. For the first time, I ate black eyed peas and cabbage on New Year’s Day, so hopefully it will mean luck for 2002.

I’ll write again after I go for my lunchtime run. It’s so cold in this office, I can only get warmer after a run in freezing temperatures. Sigh.
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Just got back from my planned four miler at lunch. Okay, so it really ended up being 3.75 miles, but close enough. It is cold outside! I’m proud that I actually went at all! Went to the park, and in spite of my four layers (coolmax tank, short sleeved cotton tee, long sleeved cotton tee, hooded cotton jacket) I was freezing. Naturally. Oh yeah, I also had on leggings and mesh running pants. And leather gloves. And headphones (which not only entertained me, but also kept my ears warmish.)

By the end of the run, I was hot and sweaty. Yeah! In a good way! Well, hot in a good way. I can’t think of when sweaty is *good*. Hmmm. I was also running a bit faster. Quarter miles in 2:55 to 3! Amazing! Less than 12 minute/miles! Quite unlike me.

Got back to work, refueled with some cabbage and black-eyed peas for lunch. I am determined that eating these foods will bring me luck in 2002!

Oh, I don’t think I mentioned how strange I felt all day Saturday after my run. I felt really antsy and restless, and vaguely nauseous. I drank a lot of water during my run (brought a water bottle with me, and refilled it during the run) but I think I know what the real problem was…rehydrating after the run with a big iced coffee. Ooops! I suppose that was it. I ate decent food after I got home, so I don’t think it was because I didn’t refuel properly afterwards. I didn’t even really feel better until I drank some red wine with dinner that evening. Hmmmm.