January 3, 2002

Bad run this morning. Bad Pam! I only ran once around the park. 1.75 miles. Was supposed to do three. I was blaming my shoes the whole time (I wore different ones because my Nikes that I usually wear are just worn out, but I have to wait until Chris comes back from Disney World…ohhhh, see this is what I mean) and the cold, but really, it was me that didn’t finish, not my shoes. In the book I’m using for training, this is what this week’s psychological aspect is about. Internal locus of control. Not allowing external forces to affect you. Or something like that. Of course, external things will affect everyone, but allowing them to have a negative effect on you is I think what it means.

Certainly, blaming my shoes for *me* not finishing a three mile run is what that’s all about. Also, this week I learned that if you have a negative thought, you should finish it off with “…but it doesn’t matter.” So really what I should have been saying was “these shoes suck…but it doesn’t matter.” Now, I’m sure some would disagree, but I think successful runners would just get out there and run the three &@#* miles.

Oh yeah, the other excuses I had while I was not running the final 1.25 miles of my run were “I’m a social runner. I cannot run alone.” (Kristina will not run when it’s freezing outside. Not that I blame her, but I really hate running alone. I did send in my membership check for the New Orleans Track Club, so maybe I’ll find slow people to run with through that.) Also, “it’s really *$#^% cold outside.” Which is undoubtably true. It’s on the news, for goodness sake. The deep south is having a major freeze. We are not used to the cold! Although all I really need is some gloves, a hat, and something to cover my nose. Well, maybe not my nose.

I’m just going to hope it warms up ever so slightly so maybe Kristina will run with me. We’re going on Saturday, six miles, she already agreed to go with me. I’m happy about that.

Oh yeah, and I don’t think I’ll be able to manage the Jackson Day 9K. I’m a bit disappointed, but it’s the morning after my birthday celebrations, and I’m more concerned about having fun with my friends and not coming in at 8 p.m. to go to sleep. (The birthday celebrations are on the 12th, not the 9th, as it’s a Wednesday and Wednesdays are no fun.) Plus, the distance is too short for my run scheduled for that weekend. Finally, Kristina doesn’t want to run it. I should just save my money. I am definitely going to run the Chinese New Year 5K. We get fried rice. Ha ha.
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