January 4, 2002

Aaaarrrrgh! I just typed out my entry for today and I accidentally erased it. Grrrr.

Well, let’s see if I can remember what I said….

Something about how happy I am that today is a rest day. I needed my sleep this morning, in spite of the fact that Stinky woke me up at the crack of dawn for some food. At least I got to go back to sleep for a little while after that.

Actually, I may have overreacted before. I can’t remember anything else I said, so I guess I didn’t lose too much after all. Anyway, tomorrow is a big fun day. Woo! I’m going shopping for a new pair of running shoes at a store in Metairie called Phippiddeppdidpeedees or something like that. Something with a lot of p’s and d’s, at any rate. I hope this time they give me a pair that are more me. I love my Nikes, don’t get me wrong, but I read somewhere that they’re made for small to medium framed runners, and I’m sorry, but I could lose 125 lbs and still be large framed. (I actually couldn’t lose 125 lbs. That would be dangerous and disgusting.) But the fact is, I have very large bones. And I’m tall. So I’ll never be considered “small or medium framed” and it makes me wonder how seriously the man at the running store I went to last time was taking me. Hmmmm. Which is why I’m eager to try a new store. And a little nervous. I’m always scared to tell real runners that I’m training for a marathon, because they could just look at me and either laugh or yell at me. Hopefully the people at the store tomorrow are nice. Well, I guess they want my money, so let’s just hope they understand economics.

Anyway, after the shopping expedition will be our 6 mile run in LaFreniere Park. (The one I’ve never been to.) Oh, and at some point, we’re going to a movie. And grocery shopping (yes, we consider that fun.) And to lunch. (Definitely fun.)

Chris left this morning for his marathon. Eeeps! When he gets back, I want him to post his race report on here. Just so I can get a bit of first-time marathon perspective. Except that he’s fast. But since he’s running London with me, it’s only fair.
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Crud. I just looked on the New Orleans Track Club website and noticed that you get a 15% discount on shoes at Phidippides (I found the spelling!), the running store I want to go to tomorrow. But I haven’t gotten my membership card yet, even though I sent in my check last week. Maybe it’ll come in the mail today. If I don’t get it today, I suppose I’ll email someone. See if I can get the discount. That’d be helpful!
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Oooh, just remembered – tomorrow is my six month anniversary of quitting smoking. Woo!
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