January 5, 2002

What a run today!

As I mentioned yesterday, we had planned to do three laps of a two mile loop at a park in Metairie. However, there was rain forecast for this afternoon, so we decided to run six miles down the levee instead. Since we were only planning on going one way (didn’t want to do out-and-back), we (Kristina, Ren, and I) went in two cars to the ending point of our run, and then took Kristina’s car to the beginning, six miles down the river. So far so good, right?

We start out, back towards my car, at a very easy (14 min/mile) pace, but the wind was blowing hard against us. The skies were gray, but no rain yet. In fact, it looked as if it may be clearing up. Everything was going well. People on the levee are very friendly. We passed a guy who said “it’s easier on the way back,” but we didn’t really care – we were only going one way. Then, a girl on a bike riding towards us raised her arms and yelled, “go girls!” and we cheered and it was all very exciting.

About three and a half miles down the levee, we were all feeling extremely proud of our progress and the fact that we had tons of energy remaining.

And then my stomach dropped to the ground.

I had forgotten my car key in Kristina’s car!!! Once we got to our ending spot, we would have no way of getting in my car! And there was no way to get back to Kristina’s car, except, of course, to run to it. We didn’t have a phone to call a taxi (and how strange would that have sounded, anyway?) We didn’t know any friends who have cars, who were at home, even if we did have a phone to call them.

I just started yelling, “Oh my God!” and at first Ren and Kristina ignored me, but I told them what I did, and we quickly decided to turn around. Fortunately, they weren’t mad at me or anything. (What girls! I love them! They were only doing this run for me, so I wouldn’t have to do it alone!) In fact, we laughed at my absent-mindedness and thought how cool it was going to be that we were going to run over seven miles.

At first, the run back to Kristina’s car was really good, because as the guy before had said, “it’s much easier on the way back.” With the wind at our backs, we were flying (ok, this is of course all relative). Until it started to rain. And the temperature started to drop. And we still had at least 2 miles to go.

The end was definitely less fun. Kristina and I ran up ahead, so we could get the car started. It was windy, rainy, and my glasses were useless. Plus, the moisturizer I had put on my face that morning was dripping into my eyes and making them burn. But in the end, it felt great! My right knee was a little sore, but it’s fine now.

The total time for our run was 1:43, the longest run by far I’ve ever done. Now I’ve done a 10K! More than that, actually. We measured it, and it ended up being 7.2 miles that we ran.

We just got back from lunch at a yummy pasta restaurant. Refueling is the best part!
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7.2 miles! 7.2 miles! 7.2 miles!

Knee is a bit sore. Left hip also a little achy. Took some ibuprofin. Will stretch a bit more later.

Woo hoo! 7.2 miles!!!