January 6, 2002

Chris’s marathon (Disney World) starts in just a few hours! He’s supposed to call me sometime tomorrow afternoon to let me know how it was (unfortunately, he pulled a groin muscle or something equally painful while dancing at his wife’s Christmas party back in mid-December. sigh.) I hope he’s okay and can finish it. And hope he doesn’t permanently injure himself for London. eek! Does that sound selfish? Well, I know he wants to run London with me, he has his entry, Rebecca is excited about going to England, it would just be a shame. And I would be very sad that I wouldn’t get to share the experience with Chris, one of my best buddies, and the person who really inspired me to start running. You should see him now. He is a shadow of the Chris from one year ago. Oooh, I should post pictures. Very inspiring befores-and-afters.

Anyway, that’s enough out of me. That’s my three beers I just had talking. ha ha.