January 7, 2002

A lovely three miles this morning…cold, but sunny, not too windy. And not sore anymore, really, from Saturday. I wore my heart rate monitor, and the difference in my heart rate between running alone (165 bpm) and running with Kristina (140 bpm) is notable. Just goes to show how important it is (for me) to run with someone else, to keep my pace slow. At least I know now what I should be shooting for. Our pace was also right around 13 min/mile, which is much more reasonable, I think, than the 12s I was running without her. And the 14:18 we averaged on Saturday seems about right too, for such a long run.

Chris called me yesterday at noon, he had already finished the marathon (yayayayay!) and gone back to his hotel, showered, iced, etc, etc. I was amazed. Granted, Florida is an hour ahead of us and the race started at some ungodly hour like 6 a.m. But still. I’m so happy for him…he finished the race (his hip injury didn’t act up or anything) in 4:20! Yay! So exciting! As soon as he gets back, I’ll make him post his race report. Thursday, I think.