January 8, 2002

No run today. It’s a rest day. I’m glad. I got a lovely, long night of sleep. Although I did dream that Stinky was an evil cat. Hmmm. She’s not.

Had to go to traffic court yesterday afternoon. Went in with five citations, only had to pay for one. But of course, the one they left on was the most expensive one. There goes alllll of my birthday money. Sigh. Hope I can still afford some new shoes. But I did get a note from the New Orleans Track Club people. They’re going to send me a fax so I can get a discount on my shoes, so maybe I’ll have my mom take me tomorrow after lunch to get them. She’s coming in town for my birthday. Yay!

Made a delicious vegetable lasagne for dinner last night. Maybe I’ll post the recipe. (Speaking of running and recipes, check out Ian Painter’s new site. He’s got some yummy looking recipes on it. I’m going to have to try some of them soon.)

I’ve gotten so many nice emails from people because of this site. Makes me happy. I wish that we could all meet up after the race. At some point. I just want to be able to see the people who have made training for this marathon less of a solitary pursuit. I may be the only person in New Orleans training for the London Marathon, but now I know that people all over the place are going through the exact same things I am. (Of course, Chris is coming with me, of course, I haven’t forgotten that! Thank god for him too!)