January 9, 2002

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee! Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!

So far, so good! Love birthdays! Love them! My birthday will never be like Molly Ringwald’s in Sixteen Candles. Never. I couldn’t possibly not talk about my birthday constantly for the weeks leading up to it. No one could ever forget it’s my birthday. Simply not possible. Plus, birthdays have always been a big deal in my family, so I don’t have to worry about them forgetting either.

So, this morning, Kristina and I went for a lovely 4 mile run along the levee. Finally, it’s warming up again! I was cold when I woke up, so I was quite warm and layered, and had to disrobe a bit during the run. Only a long-sleeved teeshirt, nothing major. Anyway, we weren’t entirely sure of the distance, so we ran out for 25:30 or so and back, if it wasn’t four miles, it was close.

Then, we went to this cute little French bakery on the way home and got (remember, it’s my birthday!) a chocolate-almond croissant. Yum! Delicious! Then, Kristina gave me a birthday present – a Pub Quiz book so we can practice for the pub quiz night at the only British pub in New Orleans. Not that we’ve ever been, but now we’ll have to go. And win! Well, now that I have the authentic pint glasses that my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas, we can just have a pub right in our living room. Fun! And then I can finish off the bottle of Pimm’s I got for Christmas. Um, maybe it’ll have to wait until after the marathon. Ha ha.

So my mom is coming to take me to lunch today, which is exciting, and then I’m going to get my new running shoes. Yay! Woo hoo! And then tonight, we’re going to see a movie.
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Got my new shoes! And found the best running store ever! Well, out of the three I’ve ever been to, this one was the best. 😀

I went after lunch, so there wasn’t anyone in there except for me and the three women who worked there. I must say, having all women in the store made me feel waaaay more comfortable. I’m a little embarrassed to tell “real” runners that I run, because I’m afraid they look at me (tall, overweight) and think there’s no way I could run. I know that’s *my* issue that I have to deal with (hence my new year’s resolution to feel more confident about my body) but nevertheless, I was very nervous walking into the store.

But the ladies made me feel at ease, the woman who was helping me asked about my old shoes, and I showed them to her, and she went in the back and got out a stack of boxes. I tried on several pairs, including a pair of the Nike Air Structure Triax that I run in now. Woah! Talk about cushiony! I can’t believe how much spring my old pair has lost. Anyway, I settled on a pair of Brooks Adrenaline, which seemed very comfortable.

And then I got some new socks (I love running socks. I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again. They are my all-time favorite running accessory.) and a magazine. Fun! And, all for under $100, because they give a discount! Love them!

What isn’t good, though, is as I was walking from my car to my office, my glasses case fell out of my purse and I stepped on them. At the time I had my prescription sunglasses on, so it was my regular glasses. New, too. The arm snapped right off, so I have to go after work to get a new pair. Argh! At least they’re still under warranty.
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