January 10, 2002

No run today. Was supposed to run 3 miles, but am putting it off until tomorrow morning instead. I really needed my sleep last night. I was soooo tired, and if I had gotten up and ran this morning, I’d be feeling very sluglike and sleepy this morning.

I had a wonderful, fantastic, fun birthday! It was probably the best birthday I’ve had in a long, long time. It wasn’t any big deal, no parties or bars involved, but just some of my closest friends. My oldest friend in the world, Kristie came in, along with another old friend, Ann (not the aforementioned Anne) who was also my freshman year college roommate. I love them and hardly ever get to see them, and they drove in from Baton Rouge (about 1.5 hour drive) just to see me on my birthday. I love them! And so Kristina, Ren, Kristie, Ann and I went to dinner, teased the waiter, ate lots of good food, drank yummy tropical concoctions, giggled, etc, etc, etc. And then when we got home, we looked at old pictures and Kristina and Ren came out with this homemade chocolate birthday cake for me! And I mean, completely homemade. From scratch. It was beautiful. I cannot believe, though, that there is now a fresh supply of chocolate in the house. Must be gotten rid of. I can’t handle it anymore. I will bring a large chunk of the cake back to work when I go home for lunch. It is a shame, but I know I have got to curb my sweet tooth somehow. It’s getting out of hand.

So anyway, a wonderful birthday. Can’t wait to try out my new shoes tomorrow!