January 17, 2002

Gooooorgeous morning! Goodness me, never thought I’d be so cheerful about waking up at 6:45 in the morning. In fact, my morning grumpiness was legendary in high school (which was a boarding school) and college. Very strange that I would get over it, somewhat.

Anyway, it’s warming up a little. This morning, I only had to wear a short-sleeved t-shirt over a tank top. Yay! It’s supposed to get up to 70 degrees this afternoon. Lovely! Almost wish I could run again. Not quite, though. Ha ha. I do wish the longer days would start soon. Although running in the morning is certainly handy as far as not wasting the evening, it’ll be nice to be able to sleep late again. Of course, that won’t begin until after the marathon or close to it, so I’d better just get used to waking up early.

So this morning, 3.5 miles in 48 minutes. The first quarter mile was walking to warm up (Sarah insisted) and the rest was running. After running the first loop of the park, Sarah walked most of the second while I ran slooooowwwwly beside her (I will not use the “j” word!) We both finished with a strong finish. I love that! In fact, I love that strong finishing kick so much, I think I may concentrate on 5Ks after the marathon. I’m not entirely sure yet that I have the patience to run for so long, but of course, I don’t know that yet. Time will tell, I suppose. But if I concentrate on shorter distances and speed after the marathon, than if/when I want to do another one, maybe I will be more in shape and faster, so my long training runs won’t take as long, thus necessitating less patience. Ha ha! Hmmmm. Anyway, something to think about later.

Ooooh, also, may have convinced Sarah to “sponsor” me and Chris for the Mardi Gras half marathon. As the company I work for is MardiGrasStore.com I figure she should buy us some shirts to wear (preferably sleeveless coolmax, thank you) and we can put the MardiGrasStore.com logo on it. Handy! Free shirt and publicity for the website! Must look for those shirts, then…

Ah yes, and should mention that Kristina and I have forgotten all about the silent treatment we gave each other. As usual. I wasn’t really worried, I knew it would all blow over, but it’s good to get it all out. Anyway, she’s feeling better as well, and we may go to the beach to visit a friend this weekend.
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Well, apparently Chris said the same thing about concentrating on 5Ks…but here’s what he had to say about it after the marathon…

“Ummm…yeah, I said the same thing…wait till mile 25-26 and crossing the finish line. You’ll be hooked. I promise. Gosh, I get goose bumps just thinking about it. It’s better than drugs, sex, and rock-n-roll!”

So maybe I should wait and see… 🙂

Then again, Chris doesn’t do drugs. And he listens to female folk singers. So exactly how seriously am I supposed to take that, really?
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