January 18, 2002

ahhhh, lovely. no run today. rest day. slept very very well, finally. had strange dreams, but that was just a bonus, i guess. dreamed about my dad and an ex-boyfriend. i’ve been dreaming about my dad a lot lately. i’m not sure why. it doesn’t make me sad, or anything, in fact i like it. it’s like seeing him again. nice. i think dreaming about my ex is more odd, since i dumped him three years ago, and we didn’t even go out for very long. hmmm. strange how the mind works. i mean, i was also taking belly dancing lessons in my dream, so overall, i guess the whole thing was just kind of random. i think my brain was just ecstatic that it finally got 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep so it gave me these weird dreams as a reward.

tomorrow is an eight miler. kristina and i are driving to gulf shores (alabama) after work tonight to stay with our friend john at his parent’s beach house. it’s gorgeous and the most relaxing place on the planet. i’m going to have to figure out some kind of route to run, but my reward for afterwards is laying on the hammock in the shade at the end of the pier. ahhhhhhh….
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ooooh, good news. just figured out that ono island (the private island where john’s parents’ beach house is – woooooo) is somewhere between 5.5 – 7 miles long. so there shouldn’t be a problem getting an eight-miler in. and i know there is a running path alongside the road, so i’m all set!

now i just have to remember not to forget anything. i packed this morning, but i have to remember to set the vcr to tape ‘saturday night live’ tomorrow night, and leave a message with ren to feed stinky and umm…i’m sure i’ll forget something….
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oh, and got some pictures from my birthday back. now we can put some faces with the names…


Kristie and Josh. Not her boyfriend, but our waiter. Smarmy waiter, obviously.


Ren, Kristina, me. The creepy looks on Ren and Kristina are due to the fact that they are nearly incapable of keeping their eyes open during a photo. So they had to open them very widely and hope for the best. This picture took about four tries. Sigh. And my glasses are doing some weird reflection that makes my eyes look weird. Hmmm.


Blowing out the candles on my lovely homemade from scratch cake! Look, almost got them all.