January 21, 2002

Nice weekend. Love John and his parents. That’s our friend that we visited at the beach. Sigh. They have this gorgeous, sunny, airy, immaculate beach house on a private bay and it is the most relaxing place I have ever been. Not to mention that his parents cook for us whenever we go there. This weekend it was burgers and portobello mushrooms for lunch and fried scamp and polenta and salad and bread for dinner. Yum! (Scamp is some yummy fish that I’ve never had before. Apparently very ugly when alive. Ha!) And then the room I stayed in was nicer than any hotel I’ve ever stayed in (no surprise there, though) – my own bathroom, door onto porch, high ceilings, television, big fluffy white down comforter, etc, etc. Lovely.

So anyway, we got there on Friday night and Kristina and John went out, but Pam was good and stayed in, in anticipation of her 8 miler scheduled for Saturday morning. So I got up on Saturday, refreshed and well-rested and got dressed for my run. Was planning on taking my new Camelbak out for the first time, but I chickened out. I just feel silly. I regretted that, though. So then John’s mom told me of a route I could take down the island (it’s a very narrow, long island) and I set off. Nice day. Overcast, coolish, windy. Walked to warm up. Ran some, walked some, ran some. Didn’t bring enough water. (Actually, weak Gatorade is what I brought.) Found a water fountain, but of course was not on. I suppose because it’s winter. It’s weird to be at the beach in winter. I’ve never seen so many mid-western license plates in my life. Anyway, after 50 minutes or so and more than halfway through my bottle of Gatorade, I turned around. Was going to go back to John’s house, fill up the water bottle (did I mention that their entire house is on a filtration system? You can get clean, filtered water out of the toilet if you so desire. I use the tap, though) and go out for another mile or so, but I was so hungry that I decided to stop and hope that it was 8 miles.

Turned out that it was only 7. But whatever. I know I can do eight. It’s okay. It was cool because when I got back home, Kristina was still asleep. After I showered and dressed, she got up, so I felt pretty accomplished.

Got a new sports bra (sorry, guys) at the outlet mall. It was $30, though. Expensive! But nice. Hmmm. Can’t decide whether I should keep it or not. Hmmm. May have another look at the outlet mall by my mom’s house this weekend.

I have a 5K on Saturday. Kristina’s going to be out of town (skiing) and Ren’s going to be in Hawaii (ack! lucky!) with her husband, so I’ll be alllll alone for this race. It’s going to be strange. I really want to beat my personal best, which is 39:05. I’m sure I can do it, Kristina thinks I can finish in 36:30. I’m not so sure about that, I’m hoping for a 37 or 38 minute race. But I’ll be really excited if I do finish in 36:30. It’s going to be tough. What should I reward myself with if I do get that? Hmmm. I have enough socks. Maybe a new book. Yeah…

I also have a 10 miler scheduled for this weekend. I’m probably going to Baton Rouge to visit my mom, so I hope Chris will be able to do some of it with me. I’ll have to do it on Sunday, obviously, because of the race on Saturday. I’m also wondering if I should skip my second 3 miler of this week (scheduled for Thursday) because of the race, or if I should just do both. Hmmm. Guess I’ll play it by ear.

Did 3.5 this morning with Kristina. Yay! Did the second loop much faster than the first. First loop was in 23:50, second was slightly less than 22 minutes. Woah!
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oh no…
getting a blister on the bottom of my right foot. right at the crease between my big and second toes. ick!