January 22, 2002

No run today. Rest day! Woo! Love the rest days. I’m about to order another pair of my shoes from RoadRunnerSports.com, seeing as they’re on sale and I have a gift certificate to that store (b-day present from Chris & Rebecca). Plus, I’ll probably need another pair before the marathon, anyway. I just have a bit of a dilemma. First of all, the ones on sale at RRS are a slightly newer model. They look a little different – but are they basically the same shoe? Plus, I don’t know what size to order. Do I get the 11s, which is the size I got my new pair in? Or do I get the 10.5s, which is what my old shoes were? I have a blister from the 11s, but never got one from the 10.5s. But…do I want to be training in two different sized shoes? Shouldn’t I just stick to one size? Hmmmm. A dilemma. I suppose I’ll call to place my order, and just ask the people there. They should know.
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Yeesh. Just ordered a new pair of shoes from Road Runner Sports. Only ended up costing $26.98, with my gift certificate from Chris and Rebecca. Woo! And Chris got some new shoes today too, from them! Yay! Too bad we won’t have them by Sunday, when we’re going running together. Ah well, next time. Now I’ll have two pairs of (nearly identical, as I got the newer model) new shoes to rotate. Yay!

Oh, and can’t believe I forgot to mention this…Chris finally set up his own little online journal for his London Marathon training. It’s at http://runnerchris.blogspot.com. I set it up for him. He’s ever so grateful. Tee hee!