January 28, 2002

Sore today. Quads, knees, shoulders. Iced knees last night, though. Much better!

Very busy at work. No time to post more. 😦
.: posted by pam m 10:42 AM

Got my plane ticket! Yay! Sadly, though, I won’t be flying with Chris and Rebecca and her sister. I was really looking forward to a flight to London with other people! I rarely fly over with other people. It’s okay, though. The flight I got is rather hellish (start in New Orleans, connect in Detroit, then Amsterdam, then to Stansted Airport. I’ve never been to Stansted!) so I’m glad for them that their first experience of London is not marred by 16 hours of flying and layovers.

Aaaaand, I got my new shoes today! Yay! Can’t wait to run tomorrow morning in them! Kristina was supposed to fly in at 12:50 a.m. tonight, but fortunately for me, unfortunately for her, she won’t be able to make that flight (she’s snowed in) so she’s going to have to come home tomorrow. Well, also unfortunately for me because I miss her!