January 29, 2002

What a great run this morning! It started off not so great, I was sore and stiff and felt really awkward, but after a mile or so of walking a bit and running a bit, I got into my groove and ran the rest of the way. This week, in the psychological portion of my training program, I’m supposed to be practicing “self-talk.” It’s something like, if I tell myself I can do something, eventually, my mind will think it’s true, and I’ll be able to do it. So instead of focusing on the negative aspects of this morning’s run, I talked myself out of the pain and the awkwardness. Or something. Or else I just warmed up and got into the run. I’m not so sure about all this mumbo-jumbo but I’m certainly willing to give it a try.

Anyway, once I got into the run, I just kept going to the next quarter mile, thinking if I wanted to walk then, I could. But it was so easy, and I wanted to finish before it got too late, that I just kept running. It felt really good. I wore my new shoes, which are somewhat different from the old Structure Triaxes that I’ve been wearing. They seem to have more support in the arch, which I think is going to take some getting used to. My right arch was pretty sore during and after the run, I hope it’s not going to always be like this. Hmmm.

I’m still trying to get everything worked out with the fundraising page I made. I want badly to help all of these people that have helped me, I just hope I’m not creating false hope in anyone. I got an email from the head of another charity yesterday, and I read some articles he sent me about it. Now I want to help them, too. The story behind the charity is just heartwrenching. Sigh. Well, I’ll do what I can, I guess that’s all I can do.
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Just checking in again. We’re so busy at work…I’m so tired…wait, I’m still at work…no lunch break today…so sleepy…not to say we didn’t eat lunch, not to worry…of course the end of the day is always a pleasant experience when the UPS guy comes by. Yummy!

5 miles tomorrow.

From reading Chris’s journal entry today, it doesn’t look like he’ll be up to doing the 11 miler this weekend. Sucks for me! But I’m more concerned with him getting better so he can, you know, run the marathon with me, that I can deal with a measly 11 miler. Ha!