January 30, 2002

Good run again today, but I’m so tired now! I definitely don’t like doing my long runs on Sundays. Lesson learned. I suppose, though, if I kept running on Sundays then I could run Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or something, but if I’m going back to Saturday long runs, like this coming weekend, I have to do Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, which is tiring. On top of the craziness of work right now. Ah well, now at least I only have one day left to run and then a break on Friday!

So, this morning, I ran 5.3 miles in 1:14. Not great, not bad, I’m happy with it though. I walked a bit at the beginning, as my calves were a little sore and I wanted to get them warmed up before I ran. And then I walked a couple of times throughout the run, but nothing major. I definitely ran most of it, which is good. More than 3.5 miles of it. Also, I think I have a new friend at the park. There’s this man who runs around the loop also, but the opposite way as me. So we passed each other 5 or 6 times this morning, and he always says hello. Nice!

The weather here has not been very cooperative, though. It’s January, for goodness sake! It’s supposed to be cold, even in Louisiana! But no, we’ve got 70 degree mornings and highs of 80 degrees. Granted, I would kill for that in the summer, but winter exists for a reason! I guess this is the price we pay for having a relatively mild summer. And anyway, it really is gorgeous outside. Blue skies, breezy, the whole lot.

Only ten weeks and two days until I arrive in London! Yay! I can’t wait! I got an email from my friend Marianne, who I’m staying with. She was one of our flatmates when we lived in London. She’s lots of fun, and fortunately, she doesn’t live far from Liverpool Street, which is where the Stansted Express goes to. Or something like that. I suppose I should be more concerned with how far it is from the start of the marathon, but really, it’s the loads of heavy luggage I’m worried about.

Oh yeah, and Paco, our landlord here at the office said yesterday that he thought I had lost weight. Woo! That’s a nice boost to the old ego!

I have a new plan for this weekend. Seeing as Chris isn’t supposed to run, I think I’ll just stay in New Orleans and run around the park where my 5K was last weekend. It has a 2 mile loop, which I can do 5.5 times. I’ll figure out the logistics later. But Ren, who is going to Thailand for 6 weeks in a week or so, wants me to stay in town this weekend, so I’ll make her come with me. She can run some of the loops with me, and just lounge around the rest of the time. Bring a book or something. That way, I’ll have an incentive every two miles. Hope she goes for my plan!