Feb 13, 2002

I’ll be back in the saddle tomorrow. I promise! I’m so happy that Mardi Gras is over. Yesterday was hellish. I actually allowed myself to be persuaded to go out Monday night after working for ten hours, and, yes, okay, I had a few drinks. Okay, a lot. Duh! Definitely no more drinking until the marathon! Well, maybe one drink on Kristina’s birthday in a couple of weeks. But THAT IS IT!

Yesterday, we had to get up at 8:30 a.m. to watch a parade and that was after Monday night’s marathon drinking and dancing (Chris warned me about dancing before the marathon – that’s how he hurt himself) and we had to walk the 2 miles or so down to where we watched the parade. My toes have blisters, my arches ache, walking is not easy. Oh great! But last night, I soaked my feet in one of those massaging heated water bath things, and I felt immeasurably better afterwards. Tonight, I’m going to put some Epson salts in it that I just bought. Heaven!

Tomorrow I’m going to do my 6 miler, then the 4 miler on Friday, and then there’s the half marathon on Sunday. I should check the weather forecast. Hope it’s nice!