February 15, 2002

Only two days until the half marathon! Yikes! I’m not nervous, really, more excited I guess. Actually, I’m more nervous about volunteering at the expo this afternoon. I’m always nervous about doing new things alone, so it’s okay. It’s normal for me. Chris and Rebecca are coming in tomorrow, and we’re going to have a fun day! Expo, then sushi for lunch, then the new Britney Spears movie (hey, she’s the hometown girl, and I’m not going to apologize for wanting to see her movie. Hell, I saw the NSync movie, this one could not be worse. Yes. I’m 27 years old.) and then go to the running store in Metairie (the suburbs) to get some gels to try for the race (I’m particularly intrigued by a raspberry flavor made by Clif Shot. Sounds tasty. I know better, but still.

This morning, I ran 2.5 miles. Of a planned four. My legs were so sluggish and tired from yesterday. I was planning on struggling through it, and I could have, but I could feel the blister at the tip of my second toe and it was affecting my gait. Didn’t want to hurt myself, and a little bit of extra rest before Sunday can’t hurt. I know I can do 13.1 miles, no problems there. It’s getting to that point in the training where it’s not really exciting anymore, and there’s so much more to do. I know in a few weeks, it’ll be okay, but from where I’m standing now, I see eight more weeks of training, including lots of long midweek runs, which I hate to wake up for. I see lots of really long runs, and just a huge stretch of time of not much excitement. I’m guessing in about 4 weeks it’ll get exciting again, but for now, it’s hard to stay motivated. Even with the half-marathon this weekend. Weird.

After this weekend, I’m going to really have to push myself. Hmmm. Putting it that way, I kind of look forward to the challenge!