March 13, 2002

Good 8 miler last night. Finished in 1:42, two minutes faster than the last two 8 milers. It’s fun, 3-4 miles into the run, to calculate the quarter mile splits and figure out how long it’s going to take to finish. Then trying to beat that time. I ran my last quarter mile last night in 2:33, probably my fastest pace ever! I felt like I was flying, but geez, that’s still over a 10 minute mile. What must it feel like to run an 8 minute mile? Goodness! Well, anyway, it’s really nice to know that I can finish such a long run with that kind of kick. I wonder if this indicates that I’d be better at 10Ks than marathons? Well, that’s something to think about after London, not before.

The first couple of miles of the run were really tough. It’s weird how much easier it gets. My left leg was kind of achy when I started, but about 30-45 minutes into the run, it didn’t hurt at all, and I was running normally. Anyway, only two more 8 milers to go! Hard to believe. Five miles tomorrow morning, then Kristina and I are off to Austin after work, then I have 18 miles in Austin. I’m definitely nervous about that, but excited too. I can’t wait to go to RunTex, the running store there. It’s practically legendary. Woo!