Because of last weekend, very little alcohol has been consumed by myself this weekend. Friday night, I didn’t even go out, just stayed at home, rested, read, watched TV. Was very relaxing, got over cold I thought was coming on. Saturday morning, I went and worked out with Terry at the Navy base, then we went grocery shopping, then George and I got our inspection stickers. After that, we went over to the French Quarter to browse Beckham’s, this cool used bookstore. Three stories of random stuff. Great bookstore, as different from B&N as can be imagined. Then we went to Marie Laveau’s Voodoo Bar, a tiny tiny tiny room on Decatur, where we sat and had a drink.

Then, I cooked a deeelicious lamb dinner from the groceries I had bought earlier. Yum. And to the pub after that, where I stayed sober around everyone else. Was fun, nevertheless. Particularly since I don’t have a hangover right now.

Am off to the gym again before this afternoon’s APMS meeting…


Went to gym again last night, this time without Laurie. Even though it’s obviously much more fun when Laurie’s there, (or because of this) the fact that I can drag myself there knowing she won’t be there is pretty cool. Yesterday I almost didn’t go, kept thinking of excuses (though none of them very good) but I went anyway. Yay! And didn’t regret it. I ran on the treadmill for 35 minutes, managed to do a 5K in that time. Considering I walked the first .25 mile, that definitely constitutes a new 5K PR. Okay, doesn’t really count, since it was on a treadmill, but I ran fast at times, sometimes close to an 8 minute mile! Treadmills can be fun!

I overslept this morning, apparently didn’t even hear the alarm. Woke up at 7:30, need to leave at 7:45. Made it though, with ten minutes to spare! Whew. I hate the feeling of oversleeping. Had a lovely dream, though. Well, all I can remember of it is that someone told me it looked like I’d lost weight, since going to the gym. Suppose it’s not as lovely when it’s only a dream, but whatever. It was nice to hear, even if it was only my subconscious saying it. Ha ha.


Just got back from Spinning class. Again, thought death was imminent, but lived through it. Laurie came this time, which made it infinitely more bearable. Also did some arm exercises before the class, so I’ll be super buff. Woo!


Curses! Did it again! Completely erased everything I just wrote! Ack!

Okay, then it’s going to be brief rundown of the weekend.

Sad driving to BR on Friday afternoon, won’t go into why. Very sad. Had dinner with my mom. Drinks and girl-time with Teresa and Joe. (Joe left before the girl talk started.) Much fun. Saturday went to mall with mom, got cool Benefit lipgloss. Drove back to NO, ate sushi with George and Polly and Colin, went to Annie’s art show. Saw a girl I went to high school with, who also had art in the show. Went to the Carousel Bar at the Monteleone. Spinning old bar. Very cool. Then to the Gold Mine, a cheesy dance club. Fortunately, we got there early enough so that no one was there. Played old arcade games (yes, George loves this place and had Flaming Dr Peppers. Haven’t done that since freshman year of college. Oh god, that was 10 years ago. Night gets fuzzy after this. Went to Lafitte’s but didn’t stay. Went to O’Flaherty’s but didn’t stay. Went to Kerry’s, had a drink. Surely there was somewhere else in there, but cannot remember. Got ferry back before midnight, went to pub. Did not drink there. Found out that the seaweed sheets they use to make sushi rolls does not digest. Hmmm.

Felt (justifiably) very very crappy yesterday. Even had to leave APMS meeting, in the middle of Jon’s movie, The Third Man. Felt terrible and guilty about that, but could not sit there, had to lie down. Watched the Oscars last night. Big whoop. I hadn’t seen many of the movies nominated, so didn’t have much stake in it.

Going to spinning class again tonight, I think, if we get reservations. Butt will hurt tomorrow. Oh well.


Mardi Gras picture. I have bangs now (this is a big deal!) but you can’t really see them in the picture.


Oh dear, haven’t posted in a week? I’m not doing too well. Work has been reeeeeally busy, which is good. Days go by much faster that way. So let’s recap the last week, then…

Friday night was Jon and Paola’s wedding. Lots of fun. Lots of people, lots of food, lots of drink, fun, fun, fun. Managed to get up Saturday morning to join a gym with Laurie in Metairie. It’s pretty convenient to work, and it’s cheap. Not only that, we worked out. I was pretty dead after that, though, spent the rest of the day just being lazy. Sunday was APMS at Nick’s house, he showed Breaking Away, (or is it Breaking Free? Can’t remember.) a boy movie but a good one. This weekend it’s at the pub, which could be dangerous.

Only two weeks and a day until my trip to DC! I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see Kristina and Annie and Ren and Devra and Joanna and Kristie and Bill and Mike and oh dear I haven’t even told my sister I’m coming, suppose I should tell her.

Took a spinning class on Monday. Was very difficult. Sweated a lot. Tuesday did the treadmill instead for 30 minutes. Less deadly, but was much more sore yesterday. Hmm. Or could have been the weight machines that did that. Whatever. Am working out with Terry at the Navy gym tonight.

Last night, George and I went across the river to eat. Was nice. Wandered around the Quarter looking for somewhere to eat, ended up at Felix’s. Yummy. Had a Krispy Kreme for dessert. Yummy.


Week has been going well. Went with Terry to the Navy base to work out on Tuesday and last night. It’s a great place to work out. Not too many people, good treadmills, TVs to watch, all you really need. Tonight we’re going to attempt some strength training. I’ll probably be sore tomorrow. That’d probably be a good thing. Oh no, just remembered the last time I worked out my arms. Gary almost killed me. It was a year and a half ago, I went to the Tulane Rec Center with Ren and Gary and we did the machines for 90 minutes or something ridiculous. I couldn’t raise my arms above my waist for about a week. Ooh, must take it easier tonight.

The Navy base, by the way, has me wondering why I never joined an armed service. It is so cool, and this is just a small one! They even have a bowling alley! It’s just like a little town. So cool. (Oh wait, I know why I never joined an armed service – I’m a wuss.)

Tomorrow is Jon & Paola’s wedding. I have to make my spinach bars (mmmmmm…..) tonight to bring. Could be dangerous, I don’t know how many of the bars are actually going to make it to the reception, they’re sooooo gooooood.


Kind of had a hellish weekend, don’t want to post about that part of it. But parts of it were okay. George and I went to dinner with his friends Andy and Linda to this delicious (but slooooooowwwww) Jamaican restaurant. I had a really good stuffed acorn squash. Mmmmm. After that, we went to their house, which is gorgeous. Really old. Then to the pub after that. Had some drinks.

Saturday, George and I went to breakfast. Then we walked a little around old Gretna, which is really quite cute. It was really foggy. I had things to do so I dropped him off at Best Buy, where he bought a laptop. I got some books from Barnes & Noble (last time I get to use my discount?) and ran some errands. Went home, cleaned a little, then went out with some girls from the neighborhood, for a bachelorette party. Meanwhile the guys were doing the bachelor party.

We went to 360, a club at the top of the World Trade Center, but it was so foggy, we couldn’t see anything. But it spins, which is also cool. Every so often, we’d find ourselves next to the bar. Or the bathrooms. Or the dancefloor. Or the bar again. It was fun. Then we went to (urgh) Coyote Ugly, then walked down Bourbon Street, split a Lucky Dog with Ross, went to the Bourbon Pub, danced for about two seconds, then went and sat on the balcony with Polly. The boys met up with us shortly thereafter, and thankfully, I got to go home.

Sunday, everyone was hungover, but we had a good turnout for my APMS day. I showed “Mr Smith Goes to Washington” which went over pretty well. Made delicious lasagne. Felt like total crap. But weekend (for reasons I won’t go into here) was redeemed by the end of the night. Felt much better.

Yesterday George and I went to have Vietnamese for dinner. I think it’s my new favorite cuisine. God, the vermicelli bowls. I could eat them for every meal. But then, we stopped at the pub to get a drink and Ross and Raul were having a sort of dinner party across the street, and they insisted we come over, so we had to eat a little more. Ah well. Raul’s such a good cook. It wasn’t a huge sacrifice!

Tonight I’m going to work out with Terry. I’m excited. I hope we can make a habit of this. I’m all about the cheap gym.


Mardi Gras over. And I survived. Don’t know how. Friday night, I stayed at the pub with George and Colin and Polly. Drank waaaaay too much. Ended up barfing. Niiice. Walked around the Quarter on Saturday with Annie and George. Was fun. Went to the pub afterwards, again, drank too much. Sunday was Polly’s movie day, watched “American Movie.” It was funny and depressing. Afterwards, we went across the river to watch Bacchus. Colin was doing security and riding on one of the floats, so we got a ton of stuff. I saw Regan (from Barnes & Noble) and her boyfriend. Monday, I had to work. Was deadly. Barely made it. George and I watched a Sherlock Holmes movie and crashed. Tuesday I got up and met Colin and Polly and Liam and some other people at the ferry. We walked around the French Quarter. I got some cool beads from a walking krewe, the Krewe of Elvis. Also saw John Goodman in another walking parade. Went by my uncle’s condo, hung out there for a while, then we went to Monahan’s, then back to the pub…for just one more drink. George and I went home, he was in a rotten mood. I stayed home last night and read. Today was not too fun at work. I was tired. Blech.

Sunday is my movie day for the APMS (Algiers Point Movie Society). No one reads this, so I can say what I’m showing…either Mr. Smith Goes to Washington or Fever Pitch. I think Mr. Smith. It’s a classic, but people will be expecting me to show a British movie. Ah well, I’ll just surprise them.

Am going to go look at gyms this weekend, I think. I am feeling disgustingly slothful. Bleccch.