Crescent City Classic 10K Race Report – March 30, 2002

I suppose it wouldn’t be completely fair to call this a race report, because I really only treated it like a leisurely 6.2 mile run with Kristina. It was too hot and humid, not to mention crowded, to really run it like a race. Plus, I’m tapering! Don’t want to hurt myself!

It was a really fun race, and in spite of the weather, a world record was set. That’s kind of cool, being in a race where a world record was set. Our time was about 3x the world record setter’s. ha ha! We finished in 1:25:42 by my watch.

1: 13:11
2: 13:18
3: 14:21 (ahh, here’s when we started to walk a bit more than just the water stops)
4: 13:55
5: 15:50 (huh? surely that mile was mismarked! ha ha, okay, maybe not)
6.2: 15:04 (yeah, we sped up a lot at the end)

So, overall, not bad. I mean, I can only get better now! I liked the distance, though. I’d like to do another 10K after the marathon. Unfortunately, there aren’t many in New Orleans. I’ll have to find one.

After the race Sarah had a crawfish boil. That was fun, but I still have heartburn from the spices. I’m such a wuss, I don’t have the constitution to eat spicy Louisiana food.

Yesterday morning, Kristina and I had an Easter egg hunt in each other’s rooms. It was fun. I got Pez. Then we went to brunch (it was my mom’s treat since she couldn’t come see me.) Yesterday evening I went for my 3 mile run, really scheduled for today, but I needed to get out of the house and the weather was gorgeous.

Chris got his confirmation stuff on Saturday. I got my travel documents. We each need what the other has received. I hope I get my race confirmation stuff today. Woo hoo! Chris’s number is 26108. 😀

Oh no, it’s April Fool’s Day. I must remember not to listen to anything anyone says. Very important. I am not gullible!