Went to the ear, nose, and throat doctor this morning regarding the disgusting post-nasal drip I’ve been experiencing for the past week or so. (Made even more disgusting by the fact that it smells like mildew – sign of infection, thankyouverymuch.) So after he sticks medicine-impregnated cotton up my nose (made me sneeze more while they were up there but then I blew my nose and the goo was gone! Magic.), the good doctor looked up in my nose and informed me that my deviated septum might require surgery because i have a (benign) bone tumor in my nose! Ew. Grody. I don’t think it’s anything that has to happen in the immediate future, but one day. Until then I will get to deal with worsening sinus infections (and smelly goo, I guess.) What a treat.

But the surgery would be under general anesthesia, which appeals to the drama queen in me. But then again, did anyone else see that show on “awareness” during surgery? I think that’s what it was called. Yes, it’s when your brain wakes up in the middle of surgery but your muscles are still paralyzed, so you can’t scream or move or anything. Gaaaa! I’ve had that happen while I was asleep, but while you’re on the operating table? Can you imagine anything more disturbing? One woman on the show was talking about how it happened when she was getting her eyeball removed for some reason. She could see them coming towards her eyeball and then, it went black. Oh my god. And you can feel everything too. Okay, so it’s probably pretty uncommon. But still.

Oh, and I got medicine for my sneezing. Yay.