Well, I went back to work yesterday. As in, to an office. Which is good, of course, but then again, not going in was pretty nice too. However, getting paid trumps all, so I’ll go in. I guess. Ha ha. Actually, it is nice to have somewhere to go for a few hours a day, and once things get up and running at the temporary office, the days should really fly by.

Strangely enough, the cubicles we’re renting are in the offices of the company Kristie used to work for. I wonder if I have her old cubicle. Tee hee! Nah, I’m sure she had a corner office.

Found out our New Orleans offices might not reopen until the new year. Which means I might spend the first month of married life living in another city as George. Which would obviously really suck. A lot. Fingers crossed the building gets done faster. At least we’ll be on our honeymoon for two weeks. Maybe we’ll be sick of each other after that anyway. Ha, joke!

Mailed out the first batch of invites yesterday. Very exciting. Now the fun part – waiting for RSVPs in the mail. (Hint, hint, people! We didn’t stamp those little envelopes for our health!)

Going home on Friday. I can’t wait. But first, in order to mitigate my excitement, I must have my crown completed at the dentist. Ah well, it’ll be worth it. Take my money, numb my face, I get to go to my house! For the first time in over a month!