Our day in City Park

We were given a break from the EXTREME POLAR VORTEX-LIKE cold (I mean, people, it was in the thirties here!!!) on Sunday and decided to take the boys to the park. When we had our family pictures taken back in November, we found a little gem tucked away in the middle of the park (can something be tucked away in the middle? Well, this is.) A forest! I mean, not like we don’t have forest here, but we don’t have little hiking trails leading to little hills and overlooks of little bodies of water. It was a tiny little forest, just right for those of us who are less than outdoor inclined. Ahem.

Lots of walking…

So after our trek through the forest, we hit up Morning Call for some beignets. Yum.

Then a bit more playing…

And then some mini golf! I swear my dad was spinning in his grave. I guess I should have given them a little instruction before our trip. Ah well, they had fun! (And Linus got a hole in one on the last hole!)

I probably sound like an ad for City Park, but there really is so much to do. Next time, maybe we’ll bring our bikes!