Christmas fun with my boys

Yesterday, the boys and I had a fun Christmas adventure that hardly involved any whining or tears. It’s a holiday miracle! But truly, it was a wonderful day with my boys, and lucky for you…I brought my camera.

We took the ferry over, which we haven’t done much lately since it costs so much for us to make a round trip ($2 per person, each way) but it is way more fun than driving.

First, we went to Christmas in the District, which is held in the Convention Center. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew there’d be a Santa. Well, it was awesome. One thing that wasn’t there that I was anticipating was crowds. It was the Sunday before Christmas and it was dead. There were no lines for anything. It was nice, but also made me a little sad.

It was great. Santa was there with his elves, as well as a snowman who chased the kids around and Mr Bingle. There were inflatables and a rock climbing thing…

…and amazing gingerbread houses and a really cool wall of beads that the boys got to contribute to. (Another one made the Guinness Book of World Records, and they’re trying to beat that, so maybe the boys will be a tiny part of making it!)

After Christmas in the District, we hit the Riverwalk (a mall that recently re-opened as an outlet mall) and did a little Christmas shopping for Daddy. And some cookie eating.

Photo Dec 21, 5 33 45 PM

We got on the ferry, where a nice (or drunk post-Saints loss) man paid for our ferry fares. Yay!

I’d like to say the evening finished quietly, but no, after that, we drove to the mall and searched for new sneakers for the boys. Didn’t get home til 9. Exhausting. But the boys started camp today, and Miles and I are going to have some one-on-one time this evening so he can get shoes and a gift for Linus.

Yeah, this year we’re starting a thing where the boys will pick out a gift for one brother (Miles for Linus, Linus for Oliver, Oliver for Miles – only because I’m cheap are they not getting gifts for both brothers.) We’ll see if they’re able to resist picking out something they really want instead. Ha.