I posted a picture of the cousins in birth order a couple of days ago, but here’s how my brother got them to do it. Cue the giggles!

We came home on Tuesday so we could sleep in our own beds (my mom’s house, while large and lovely, is not quite large enough for four families, so the boys and I were camped out on the floor of my mom’s office on various mattresses and sleeping pads) and it was kind of sweet how sad Linus was to leave his cousins. Mean of me to take joy in his sadness, I know, but it just makes me happy that they are having so much fun together.

(He was also sad to leave the big house with the big yard. Yeah, kid, we all want a big house with a big yard.)

We had crawfish and shrimp Monday night, yum.

Ellie and Miles in their matching Wapuu shirts


Mesmerized by the fire pit.
Mesmerized by the fire pit.

Relatedly, my brother has spent a bunch of time working on his current Kickstarter project, which I promised I’d pimp out for him. A few years ago, he drove cross country and did a time lapse of the drive, which you can see here:

Now, he’s doing one around Iceland. Gee, must be nice.


So, go support him so he’ll stop bugging me already.