The 90s #tbt

In a few weeks, the New Orleans Moms Blog is throwing the annual Moms Night Out. It’s really fun, and this year’s theme is “90s Prom.”

As one of the organizers, I’ll be wearing a t-shirt, not a prom dress, but I’m making my outfit as authentically 90s as possible. Well, early 90s. High school.

But I’m somewhat pleased to see that my 90s style wasn’t all that bad. I mean, it could have been much worse.


Well, okay, I did have “the Rachel.” This is my first college apartment, 1994.

But other than that, I mean, okay, cut off jean shorts were a constant.


and Birkenstocks!


Sure, there was that ill-advised perm in 1993, but I learned my lesson.


But can you blame me? Obviously I could rock a perm, as evidenced by the bottom row of pics:


By the time the late 90s rolled around, we were living in London, my hair was long and straight (thank you, English dry air) and probably my glasses were the worst thing about me. Or those ubiquitous black slides. Hmm.


Well. I hope you enjoyed this short trip down memory lane. Just wait til you see my outfit for Mom’s Night Out!


2 thoughts on “The 90s #tbt

  1. I had those exact same slides for my summer abroad in college! And wore them solidly. “You have to have responsible, comfortable footweare for FOREIGN TRAVEL,” we thought.


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