Lemons and questions

My lemon tree is out of control. Giant and growing all over the dang place with deadly spikes. I’m serious. What the heck is up with the spikes? Who knew lemon trees were so evil? That said, the lemons that result are giant and juicy and delish, so I guess I don’t blame the tree for wanting to protect them. And if they prevent people from stealing lemons off my tree, I’m all for them.

The lemons at the top of the tree have been ripe for a week or so, so I got the ladder out and started hacking at branches to a) prune it and b) get the lemons off. Worked like a charm. I only spilled a little blood and even though my pruning job was…not pretty, it got the job done. I mean, I guess. We’ll see next year I guess.

My hack job:

Lemon tree injuries and the booty (so far):

Lemonade and pretty lemon cake!

So now on to the questions portion of today’s post.

  • Why does my van lock by itself right when I walk up to it? It only happens if one of the sliding doors is open. I assume it has something to do with the fob? I don’t think it does it if I don’t have the fob in my hand. It’s annoying as shit. (I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna.)
  • Also about my van – what is the weird low hum (loud) that happens when I start the van? (Also sometimes randomly when driving.) AKA “the frog”. (Very sick frog.) You can hear it in this video here.
  • Where did I put the letters I have from Jimmy Stewart? I can’t find them anywhere. It’s making me kind of sick. I know they’re not gone, but I want to have them in my hand so I know they’re okay.
  • While you’re helping me find things, where are my sunglasses?
  • And that stripey top with the sequin collar? I haven’t seen that thing in years. Meh, probably doesn’t fit anymore anyway. Jerk.
  • Is it worth paying to get 20+ year old film developed? I found this in a box yesterday.