A successful shirt!

I have been wanting to make a shirt for myself but am terrified of sleeves so I was happy to find this Burda pattern that was “tres facile” and was just two pieces, a front and a back. Even better, finishing the edges was optional, so I only hemmed the neckline. I wanted to try using a twin needle (OH FINE NO TRIPLET NEEDLES I SEE HOW IT IS) and figured out that a) the bobbin tension was set too high (so glad I managed to not lose the guides to my mom’s sewing machine) and b) I needed to use interfacing to make the fabric stiffer. I’m the end the neckline was a success, I suppose. I still can’t sew straight to save my life but who’s gonna be looking that closely?


Goes well with pajama pants


My “could be worse!” face



Anyhoo, I made this out of dollar a yard fabric that I got just for practicing on but turns out I don’t hate it so maybe I’ll wear it out in public one day?

It’s meant to be tunic-y, but I may shorten the next one. Or not. We will see.

(Photo credit to Miles)

Whatcha got?

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