Marathon #3!

Okay, not really. But you know I work out at Orangetheory and I usually go three times a week or so, four if I can swing it. And in April they had a marathon challenge where you added up your mileage from the treadmill from all of your workouts and tried to hit 26.2 miles.

Now, the sensible thing to do would have been to sign up for the half-marathon, especially considering I knew I’d be traveling for a week of the month. And with the garage sale weekend right before my trip and jetlag and having to attend a funeral right after I got home, it meant I was really out for 13 days! Almost half of the month. But by golly, I was going to do the marathon and get the dang t-shirt!

This may seem not too hard, but consider an OTF workout is about 55 minutes, and at most half of that is on the treadmill. So I have about 25-27 minutes to get in my miles. Oh, and I’m not exactly a speed demon. On average, I can do between 1.75 – 2.25 miles in a workout. So you can see how it can be problematic to get 26.2 miles in 17 days without killing myself. By the time I got back from Singapore, I had 10 days to get about 16 miles. So that means I basically had to go every day. Yikes!

When I remembered that April 2002 was when I did my first (real, actual) marathon, I was especially motivated. It just seemed fitting.

Well, I’ll wrap up this long story now with this…

I got it!!!!