What’s that sound??!?!

The silence is deafening. There’s no sound of a soccer ball being kicked around the kitchen, banging into cabinets, making me cringe every time I hear it hit the dishwasher or the oven. I don’t hear YouTube videos about some soccer game or how to solve a Rubik’s cube or how to bake the perfect snickerdoodles. I don’t hear FIFA ’19 being played while an 11 year-old commentates in a bad British accent.

All I hear is the air conditioner, sometimes a car driving by, maybe Ziggy barking at a UPS truck.

It’s blissful, and it’s the only week of the summer I’m going to get this peace. The boys are at camp at Jean Lafitte National Park, and the best part is, it’s not far from George’s work, so he’s even driving them! Heaven.

The quiet is especially welcome because it’s been a busy week. Terry’s daughter’s quinceañera was Saturday night, and I was feverishly sewing shirts for the males in the house, and finished them just in time.

Here is a pic of the boys in their shirts:

And a family pic at the quinceañera, but you can’t see that the colors in their shirts perfectly coordinate with the Upton dress I made last summer. That was not even on purpose! A happy coincidence.

(No, I couldn’t get a picture of George not making a goofy face.)

A few more pics from that night:

So beautiful!

And then on Monday, Oliver and Miles were in the background of a tv show that’s coming up. We had to be at the zoo at 5:30am, which was not fun. Linus went to camp by himself that day.

Meanwhile, I can’t even really work out much because I have tendonitis in my right shoulder, which suuuucks. It means I can’t do more than half of the exercises at Orangetheory – no rowing, no upper body anything, nothing that requires a plank position, nothing that uses my shoulder. Blah. At least it’s not something worse. Shoulders scare me. But it means my arms are going to turn from fierce guns to blobs of goo.

On a happier note, in just two weeks, Kiki gets here and we start our road trip to Virginia! So exciting!

Halfway through June

How did it get to be the middle of June? And also, it’s only the middle of June?

Random things….

Soccer started up again! Rec league from here on out, which is nice because it’s low key and only on weeknights. My weekends are mine again! They’ve had two games so far, and the first was dominated by boys – Miles got three and Linus got one. Woot! In the second game, Miles got one, and they lost, but, you know, whatever.

Of course I took pics… (Miles was on the white side for the first half of the game.)

And this video of one of the goals from the first game. I love the display of brotherly love at the end.

We also took a trip to Baton Rouge for a few days to spend some time with Grandee and Larry. We went swimming, and my mom tried to get me drunk on vodka slushies (best pool snack bar ever, right?), and we had steak for dinner one night and homemade pizza the other night, and Grandee took the boys to a movie while I worked, and I brought my sewing machine to work on some linen shirts I’m making for the boys, and overall it was pretty relaxing.

Oh, and I saw this dress hanging in the closet.

I loved that dress so much when I was a kid. I feel like I should re-make it. I don’t know why, it’s not like it’d be flattering. Maybe I can be Pam 35 Years Ago for Halloween. Hm. I can’t find any pictures of me wearing it, though. But I did find a bunch of other “cute” ones.


We have a couple of exciting weeks coming up…some TV background filming for Miles and Oliver (Linus wasn’t interested) and other fun things like that. Terry’s older daughter’s quinceañera is a week from tomorrow (and the reason I’m sewing linen shirts like crazy.) And boys have their one week of camp in about 10 days (YAY), and then a couple of weeks after that, Kiki flies down and we are heading on our road trip! So excited!

What else?

I have a new NOMB post out today – it’s like the other “meme” posts I’ve done. (Mom problems, kid problems, dad problems, Mardi Gras problems…)

Check it out – NOLA Summer Problems

One of my favorites is this one:

Summer so far

Okay, well, it’s only been a few days, but so far it’s going better than expected.

Between them, they boys can now cook fried and scrambled eggs and ramen, so I don’t have to think about feeding them too much.

Oliver about to enjoy the fried egg he made.

Speaking of food, I made smoothies and they finally drank them! So now I just have to slowly work towards adding some spinach or something to them.

Friday I worked while the boys played Laser Tag…

And afterwards, I took them to Five Guys for lunch. Miles and Linus had never been, and it was a hit. 😀

We’ve also been playing board games, including an entire game of Monopoly. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to finally go bankrupt.

We also played Life, and while Linus ended up with a singleton, two sets of twins, and triplets, Miles was genuinely sad not to get any kids at all. (I got one girl, FINALLY!) Again, Oliver won. Hmm.

The boys are also feeding the neighbor’s cats for some money, and I got a lot of sewing done, including a dress that I’ll post about later. Tomorrow they start soccer (just low-key rec soccer, thank goodness) and until the end of the month when they have one week of camp, we don’t have a lot going on other than board games and teaching them how to cook more things.

Fingers crossed things continue to go well and they don’t drive me insane with their fake British accents!