Swimming with the fishes (part 1)

Every year at the boys’ school, they spend time outside of the school building doing cool stuff and learning and whatnot. For instance, a month at the zoo in first and third grades,  a couple of weeks at an art museum in second grade, a few weeks at the French Quarter in fourth grade, and now in fifth grade, four weeks (spread throughout the year) at the aquarium. And in the final week, they get to snorkel in the giant tank! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!? I mean, when I went to elementary school, we went to like, the state capitol building. And that’s only because we lived in the state capital. Snooze.

(And yes, they go to public school, so you can’t say it’s because we spend a ton of money on tuition.)

The tank is full of piranha and sharks and other dangerous and deadly creatures, which just adds to the excitement. Naw, just kidding. But it’s got a big coral reef and a tunnel you can walk through, which gave us a good view of the snorkelers from below, and plenty of smiling stingrays (but not the kind that kill you, presumably. And if they do, don’t tell me until the other two have their snorkeling trips later this year.)

Before the kids got in – just what the lower part of the tank looks like. LOOK IT’S MISTER RAY, THE TEACHER!
I love this picture of Linus floating.

Okay, now just a bunch more.

Some video – sadly, I didn’t get anything of Linus and his pal flossing underwater. SORRY.

And yes, you will get two see two more identical posts in the coming months. Complete with unidentifiable children that I will assure you are mine, even though I’m not 100% sure because in wetsuits and masks, all kids basically look the same.

Busy weekend

We did so much this weekend! I’m going to make this a picture-heavy post. It was a rough morning involving breathing treatments and wheezing, so I am not really wanting to type much.

Friday night, we went to a party at a friend’s house. It was outside, in their backyard, so the boys were freaked out. (It was a bit dark for them.) Owing to the fact that I had two boys on my lap, no pictures were taken. Thank goodness I have friends that brought me a glass of wine and some chargrilled oysters. That made up for it a bit.

Saturday, George and I took the boys to the children’s museum. It was fun, except for the moment we realized the wagon was gone. I found it a few terror-filled minutes later. Some kid must’ve taken it and then abandoned in in another part of the museum. Kids love that thing.






Linus and Linus

Daddy and Linus

Saturday night, we went to a dinner party at a restaurant that George’s parents had.

Sunday, I took the boys to the aquarium to meet a friend with her twin boys. That was fun! Except for when I pulled Oliver away from the Nemo tank. That was not fun.


One of many meals of chicken fingers the boys had over the weekend.

And then Sunday night was Boo at the Zoo. The boys were monkeys. I was a bunch of bananas. Oliver refused to wear his hat. Ah well.






The end!