Music by triplets

The boys had their end of camp performance yesterday, and obviously I am going to record here for posterity. They were only at this camp for a week, but they learned so much! I was practically bursting with pride every time any of them were “on stage.”

Without further ado…

Oh, well, just a picture of the “pop band” performance because instead of hitting “record” I, uh, didn’t. Imagine a slower version of “Baby” by the Biebs.

Dangit. So mad at myself.

But at least I didn’t miss this one. I’m surprised you can’t hear the tears rolling down my cheeks during the second half (the first half of this video is the chorus singing “The Saints Go Marching In” but in the second half, they soloed on Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran and I was just so, so proud at how brave they were. (I remember as a kid not even wanting to sing one note by myself, just in front of the music teacher so she could figure out where to place me in the choir. There is no way I would have been able to do what the boys did.)

(Skip to about 2:30 for the better stuff.)

Then Linus and Oliver did a duo of the James Bond theme (but the teacher kept saying it was the Peter Gunn theme, which it wasn’t, and Miles was confused, which is why it’s not a trio here.) (So if you guessed James Bond in my previous post, you win!)

There was a drum performance that was by their own admission not very exciting, and a few little acting bits where you can’t really hear what they’re saying well, but take it from me, it was all adorable as shit.

The Great Race!

Here it is, the film you’ve all been waiting for (I mean, since last Friday, at least.)


Who will explode in a fiery crash? Who will fall in a volcano? Who will lose their engine because of a ninja? Who will win!?!?

You have to watch and see…

Thanks to the Mini Art Center for such a fantastic week!

A week at art camp

For a change of pace, I signed the boys up for a different camp this week. It was at a little studio in our neighborhood called the Mini Art Center. We really enjoyed walking the six blocks to camp every morning (Ziggy accompanied us and he probably enjoyed the walk most of all) but thanks to typical NOLA summer, weather, walking home didn’t work out so well.


(We got completely drenched on Tuesday.)

The theme of this week’s camp was cut out animation, and all week the whole class of ten kids worked on a film together. This afternoon we got to go watch the (almost) finished product. Next week we’ll get a finished video that I can post, but in the meantime, here are a few pics from today:


Uncle Evan, watch out!

Found Nemo!

I know, really original.

Today was the boys’ second camp play of the summer. Grease was the first one, and for the second one, they staged a production of Finding Nemo. I was confused at first, but then discovered there’s a musical version. I’ve been hearing “Fish are Friends, Not Food” for the past few weeks and am pleased to say I have it memorized.

Anyway, it was really cute. What else is there to say, really? I love the movie (how could you not?) and I especially appreciated it was only 45 minutes long, even if that meant lots of parts were left out. (And yet, there was a weird song in there, right after the turtles/EAC part that was totally out of place. It was a bunch of hoboes? Singing some kind of teen pop song? Very odd. Must look into this.)

So, pictures, because that’s all that’s really needed here…






This girl playing Peach cracked me up. I mean, she’s a starfish stuck to the side of the tank. What else should she be doing?


The random hippies/hobos…???


Video of the boys’ big song. The video freezes a few times, that’s just when I was taking stills in the middle.

Until next summer…