Found Nemo!

I know, really original.

Today was the boys’ second camp play of the summer. Grease was the first one, and for the second one, they staged a production of Finding Nemo. I was confused at first, but then discovered there’s a musical version. I’ve been hearing “Fish are Friends, Not Food” for the past few weeks and am pleased to say I have it memorized.

Anyway, it was really cute. What else is there to say, really? I love the movie (how could you not?) and I especially appreciated it was only 45 minutes long, even if that meant lots of parts were left out. (And yet, there was a weird song in there, right after the turtles/EAC part that was totally out of place. It was a bunch of hoboes? Singing some kind of teen pop song? Very odd. Must look into this.)

So, pictures, because that’s all that’s really needed here…






This girl playing Peach cracked me up. I mean, she’s a starfish stuck to the side of the tank. What else should she be doing?


The random hippies/hobos…???


Video of the boys’ big song. The video freezes a few times, that’s just when I was taking stills in the middle.

Until next summer…