CCC 10k

Happy Easter! We’re going over to our friends’ house later. I made Pineapple Casserole and Fruit Pizza to bring. Yum.

Yesterday, the boys and I walked the Crescent City Classic 10K with Stephanie and Liam, Mary Catherine and Millie, and Teresa. We didn’t lose! It was fun, and the boys got a lot of attention. Surprise!

Being silly before the race:

Everyone except Tee, who was taking the picture: (Steph was nice enough to trade strollers with me for a while)

Miles is winning! Hee hee.

We also got to hang out with Anne and Bill and little Whitman. He’s so cute!

Okay, must go finish cooking!

Easter and CCC 10k

Sorry for the lack of posting! I’m lame. I know, I know.

Not much has been going on. Well, except for walking the Crescent City Classic last weekend with Teresa and Stephanie (and Liam in his stroller) and then hosting Easter at our house the following day for about a gajillion people. That was fun. (No, really, it was.)

See, now I accidentally just recapped every notable thing I’ve done in the past week and a half in once sentence. Oops. How ’bout if I post an Easter pic or two? Will that help?

Lotta food:

Liam is really cute:

Oh yeah, and there’s exciting news afoot from one of my regular readers, but I am not at liberty to say what it is just yet. Regular Reader, you know who you are….

CCC 10k

Crescent City Classic (10K) was on Saturday. I kicked it’s arse! Woooo!

So I’ve done this race twice before, but it’s always been so hot that I’ve had to walk more than run. Plus, I’ve never done it alone and been able to go at my own pace. So my time has always been around 1:25. Today, I was racing alone, so I was able to go at a pace that was comfortable for me. My goal was just to finish in under 1:25. My secret, don’t tell anyone goal was 1:15, which means 12 minute miles the whole time. I’ve barely been doing 12 minute miles on the treadmill, I thought there was no way I’d be able to do 12 minute miles outside, in the heat.

Guess what my time was? Guess! Guess!

(Just kidding)

1:14:27! Yay!!! I actually maintained 12 minutes miles the whole way! (I kept up a 4:1 run:walk the whole time, so this is an average.)

Here are my splits:
Mile 1: 12:31 – this mile is spent largely running around walkers. I was actually concerned that I did it so fast! I really didn’t expect it to be my slowest mile
Mile 2: 12:01
Mile 3: 12:11
Mile 4: 11:50 (!)
Mile 5: 12:00
Mile 6: 11:39 (!!)
Mile .2: 2:11
Total: 1:14:27! Yay!

Woah. This means I ran negative splits, too! That’s amazing! (When you run the second half faster than the first.) I don’t think I’ve ever done this!


Easter dinner was a lot of fun. So much good food. Can’t wait for lunch today…leftovers! Yum!


Feh. Gained a pound. Oh well. Still, a net loss over the past two weigh ins. And I have a new (secret) number that I will not allow myself to go over any more. It’s .4 lbs over what I am now, so I’m going to have to be extra good this week. And next, and the next, and so on and so forth, etc, ad nauseum.

But I have been working out diligently. Every other day doing weight training and yesterday (fer’instance) I did 50 minutes, thats 3.5 miles (walking and running) on the treadmill. 450 calories burned. Not too shabby. I have a new way of keeping motivated on the treadmill. One song I walk, one song I run. After about halfway through, I change it to one song walk, two songs run. It makes the time go by.

I read in the paper this morning that Paula Radcliffe, the English runner who is really really fast (as in she holds the world records in lots of things) is supposed to do the Crescent City Classic this year. Like me. In 2002 we did our first marathon together in London. Well, okay, I finished almost four hours and 40,000 people after her. But I do feel a bit of a kinship with her. (Writing it down makes it seem retarded, but I can’t help it.) Anyway, now I’m sort of wishing I hadn’t signed up to run the Classic, but instead could be at the end watching her set a new world’s record. Ah well. Maybe I’ll win this time.