CCC 10k

Happy Easter! We’re going over to our friends’ house later. I made Pineapple Casserole and Fruit Pizza to bring. Yum.

Yesterday, the boys and I walked the Crescent City Classic 10K with Stephanie and Liam, Mary Catherine and Millie, and Teresa. We didn’t lose! It was fun, and the boys got a lot of attention. Surprise!

Being silly before the race:

Everyone except Tee, who was taking the picture: (Steph was nice enough to trade strollers with me for a while)

Miles is winning! Hee hee.

We also got to hang out with Anne and Bill and little Whitman. He’s so cute!

Okay, must go finish cooking!

5 thoughts on “CCC 10k

  1. Momma-of-5

    WOW! A 10k…way to go! I’m actually training to run in a 5k…but without kids. I’m not even sure I’ll survive THAT. And look at you…10k. Impressive!


  2. chris

    oh wow. CCC! that’s awesome. i didn’t know the boys had a race coming up. did they carb load? what were their splits? i trust you had adequate body glide on hand. haha. you look great, btw. sizzle.


  3. BuckeyeBundle

    I’ll say it again….WOW! You now inspire me again…first with the triplets and now to run a race…I think I will start with a 5K though! Way to go!I love the boys in the stroller for the race…just too cute!


  4. Anne Robichaux

    Hi Pam! I just got the DNA test results from Myles and your boys are infact genetically identical! Very exciting…I think you should make national news again. :-)Anne Robichaux


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