This and that

My poor blog. It’s been so neglected.

Last week was kind of nutsĀ – the boys were out of school and they were home with me all day. I think we all went a little stir-crazy. Then George went out of town over the weekend (the first time he’s been out of town without one of us since we first started dating) so I got even more quality time with the boys. But not a lot of time to blog.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:



Sat through the Yo Kai Watch movie, and paid handsomely for the privilege.

Ziggy did cute things like lie there and chew on a stick.

We had a party while George was gone. The kids finally used the climber! I put up pretty lights!

Miles has crazy hair, Linus and Oliver on the climber.


Took them to the trampoline place.


It’s been really hot here, still. But we did go for another couple of runs.

Wait, did I ever post any pics from when we went bowling with Aunt Tee?


Speaking of, today is Aunt Tee’s birthday! Happy birthday Aunt Tee! We love you!



CCC 10k

Happy Easter! We’re going over to our friends’ house later. I made Pineapple Casserole and Fruit Pizza to bring. Yum.

Yesterday, the boys and I walked the Crescent City Classic 10K with Stephanie and Liam, Mary Catherine and Millie, and Teresa. We didn’t lose! It was fun, and the boys got a lot of attention. Surprise!

Being silly before the race:

Everyone except Tee, who was taking the picture: (Steph was nice enough to trade strollers with me for a while)

Miles is winning! Hee hee.

We also got to hang out with Anne and Bill and little Whitman. He’s so cute!

Okay, must go finish cooking!


Go buy this game. It’s more fun than you’ll know what to do with. Last night we played with Jon and Teresa while we ate pizza and partook in some adult beverages. Such good, wholesome fun!

Going to Baton Rouge this weekend. After I do my six mile “long” run on Saturday morning. I say “long” like so because this is one of the shorter long runs. Can’t wait til it gets back up to 18 mile long runs. That’s loads more fun. Ha ha!

Am finishing up a really fun project for my design site. It’s a wedding save-the-date in the shape/style of airline tickets. I even perforated the boarding pass part so people can, oh, put it on their fridge or something. I’m pretty happy with how they came out. After Anne’s passport save-the-dates, I’m like a destination wedding save the date expert.

Less than two weeks to Ellie time! Eeeeeeep! Yay!


So this weekend was a combination of fun and sad. Fun spending all day (12 hours of it) on Saturday at the pub (not drinking the whole time, don’t worry) watching the World Cup game (okay, not watching, but spending time with people who were watching) and hanging out with Polly and Colin and Jon and Teresa and other fun people. Eating lots. Breakfast, brunch, barbecue. Oooh, alliteration.

Sad yesterday, though, when P&C left. I hate when people leave. Ugh. It sucks. I know, life goes on, but it sucks. Blech. Sucky. On the bright side, we now have a place to stay in my new favorite American city, Pittsburgh! Woo! But still.

But then last night we had yummy Vietnamese for dinner and then saw Cars, which helped ease the sadness. Cars was v funny. Okay, so it’s no Toy Story or Finding Nemo, but it was still great. It may not be as great as the other Pixar films, but it’s still better than 99.9% of the crap out there. Anyway, so go see it.

Seventeen-ish days till I go see Ellie!

And, today is our seven month-iversary. Woo!


Whew! I need a weekend from this weekend. V busy.

Friday night, we went to dinner at Amy and Van’s house. Amy and Van are 2/3 of the band that played at our wedding. Amy likes frogs. A lot. Dinner was yummy.

On Saturday, I voted and then went across the river to help out at my friend Angela’s cafe’s booth at French Quarter fest. It went well, but it was very exhausting. Only four hours of work, so I feel like a bit of a wuss. But seriously, I must’ve dished out a million Barbecue Shrimp Po-boys. Mmmm. Lots of butter.

After that, it was time to start getting ready for prom! Wooo! Prom was fun. That’s all I can say about that…really, pictures tell the story better:

Sunday involved a bit of recovery from prom, plus a gym visit, some bread baking (sourdough, mmmm) and then a barbecue at a friend’s house. Lots of meat. Reminded me of the time we went to the Brazilian barbecue restaurant when I went to NYC with Kristina and Anne and Marianne. (I won’t attempt to spell the name of the restaurant here.) Anyway. Not making much sense.

Four years ago today, I was nervous. I had a date the next night. I hadn’t been on a proper date in a very long time. Who was this “George” I’d met a few nights before?


Good run on Saturday morning. Was supposed to be 14 miles, turns out, though, I only did 13. Chris told me the big loop of the LSU lakes is 7 miles, it’s really only 6.5. I thought that I had to have miscalculated it, though, because I did the first loop in 1:21, which is a sub-12:00 pace. And I walked quite a bit at the beginning while I sorted out my headphones. So even though it was 6.5 miles, it was still a pretty darn fast 6.5 miles. Finished in 2:47 for the whole thing. Not bad at all. However, my calf got a cramp about 3 miles from the finish and only today is my calf not sore. Yesterday my right calf and my left quad were sore, so I was pretty lopsided.

Went out on Saturday night with Teresa, Joe, and Debbie. Yay! I haven’t seen Debbie in ages, probably a year and a half. So we had a good time seeing Mike’s band play. (Mike is Debbie’s husband, they drove in from Houston.) I used to drive to Houston to see them a lot, sometimes once a month. But I haven’t made the trip in a while. And now their son Christian is almost 7. Seven!! I was his first out of town visitor at six days old! I feel a lot closer to him than he does to me, since I’m fairly sure he doesn’t remember those first visits I made. (Though he is a very smart six year old…I can’t help but think my vast intelligence must have rubbed off on him in some way…come on!)