Go buy this game. It’s more fun than you’ll know what to do with. Last night we played with Jon and Teresa while we ate pizza and partook in some adult beverages. Such good, wholesome fun!

Going to Baton Rouge this weekend. After I do my six mile “long” run on Saturday morning. I say “long” like so because this is one of the shorter long runs. Can’t wait til it gets back up to 18 mile long runs. That’s loads more fun. Ha ha!

Am finishing up a really fun project for my design site. It’s a wedding save-the-date in the shape/style of airline tickets. I even perforated the boarding pass part so people can, oh, put it on their fridge or something. I’m pretty happy with how they came out. After Anne’s passport save-the-dates, I’m like a destination wedding save the date expert.

Less than two weeks to Ellie time! Eeeeeeep! Yay!


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