Good run on Saturday morning. Was supposed to be 14 miles, turns out, though, I only did 13. Chris told me the big loop of the LSU lakes is 7 miles, it’s really only 6.5. I thought that I had to have miscalculated it, though, because I did the first loop in 1:21, which is a sub-12:00 pace. And I walked quite a bit at the beginning while I sorted out my headphones. So even though it was 6.5 miles, it was still a pretty darn fast 6.5 miles. Finished in 2:47 for the whole thing. Not bad at all. However, my calf got a cramp about 3 miles from the finish and only today is my calf not sore. Yesterday my right calf and my left quad were sore, so I was pretty lopsided.

Went out on Saturday night with Teresa, Joe, and Debbie. Yay! I haven’t seen Debbie in ages, probably a year and a half. So we had a good time seeing Mike’s band play. (Mike is Debbie’s husband, they drove in from Houston.) I used to drive to Houston to see them a lot, sometimes once a month. But I haven’t made the trip in a while. And now their son Christian is almost 7. Seven!! I was his first out of town visitor at six days old! I feel a lot closer to him than he does to me, since I’m fairly sure he doesn’t remember those first visits I made. (Though he is a very smart six year old…I can’t help but think my vast intelligence must have rubbed off on him in some way…come on!)