This and that

My poor blog. It’s been so neglected.

Last week was kind of nuts – the boys were out of school and they were home with me all day. I think we all went a little stir-crazy. Then George went out of town over the weekend (the first time he’s been out of town without one of us since we first started dating) so I got even more quality time with the boys. But not a lot of time to blog.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:



Sat through the Yo Kai Watch movie, and paid handsomely for the privilege.

Ziggy did cute things like lie there and chew on a stick.

We had a party while George was gone. The kids finally used the climber! I put up pretty lights!

Miles has crazy hair, Linus and Oliver on the climber.


Took them to the trampoline place.


It’s been really hot here, still. But we did go for another couple of runs.

Wait, did I ever post any pics from when we went bowling with Aunt Tee?


Speaking of, today is Aunt Tee’s birthday! Happy birthday Aunt Tee! We love you!


Love Aunt Tee!

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Me and my Tee!

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