DNA test is back…


Okay, now stop asking. πŸ˜›

We just found out (thanks A & M!) that the boys are, indeed, genetically identical.

Now do I get my free diapers?

As if there was any doubt…

multiples monday with capri +3

21 thoughts on “DNA test is back…

  1. Jared & Becky

    Love the pics! How great that you can get people off of your back with the frat/ident. question. Dh and I were just joking last night that we are going to get them t-shirts made that say “Yes, were twins, No, we are not identical”. The truth is we haven’t had the test done but since that takes longer than saying “fraternal” we just go with it:)


  2. Harris Boys

    Pam, they are so cute and I just knew they were identical…I think you deserve some free diapers or even maybe an apperance on Oprah…lol


  3. Jennifer

    So, will you get to go one the Today show like that other couple a few weeks ago?? Tell us so we can all tune in!~Jen from TX


  4. Lindsi

    Like there was any doubt! You didnt need a test to prove to me they were identical. Plus they are so stinkin’ cute!SNL0605(nestie)


  5. Anonymous

    YAY! That’s so great that they’re identical (I have identical twin boys, so that’s why I think that:) Your boys are super cute – thanks for sharing them with the blog world!~Emma


  6. Momma-of-5

    I never doubted! Look at them!Congrats, by the way. So if the odds of identical triplets are like 1 in 700,000 something…what are the odds of having your own triplets (NOT identical) & 2 friends WITH identical triplets?


  7. Anonymous

    Pam, I go to your blog and flicker page almost every day. My how they are growing. I just want to pick them up and snuggle them. They are just too adorable. It is so much fun watching them grow with all your pictures. So, where is your PR person to alert WWL-TV or the Times Picayune about the rare event they have in NOLA. It would be such a positive publicity event for local retailers to step forward and donate diapers and formula to the three babies you and George have added to the depleted census of our drowned city. Just a thought.Betty Claire


  8. Nancy

    Your boys are adorable! Congrats! Just found your blog – I think through a series of links from ParentDish.Nancy, mom to 8month old twin girls


  9. sayvandalay

    I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now. I clicked over from Sarcastic Mom’s blog, and I found your boys so adorable I just wanted to read more!!! They are precious!


  10. Helen

    I already said congrats on TC, but thought I’d do it here too! Congrats πŸ™‚ Know what else this means? It means you can consider having a 4th without an increased risk of multiples again (that’s why I wanted to know if mine were IDs).


  11. the schirano triplets

    that is just incredible! i think we all deserve free diapers and only 2 of my 3 are identical. πŸ™‚


    1. Deborah

      Whoa – and what are the odds of THAT?! So you have, technically, both identical twins and fraternal twins in the same in utero party?!?! That’s even more fun than twins OR triplets, be they identical or fraternal – you just hit the jackpot, didn’t you?! : )


  12. Anonymous

    I eavesdrop on your blog fairly regularly, and I have to say that this is photo is wonderful. One of the best yet.


  13. Kris

    WOW ! I jsut found time to check out everyone’s blog sites and that is all I can say – WOW ! They are amazing!


  14. Kelly

    i have no idea how I found your blog but just wanted to say you have gorgeous boys and that my son’s name is Linus also. We live in Northern Michigan so don’t worry about them running into each other anytime soon. ( :


  15. Multiples Mom

    That is so neat to see the boys so little sitting in Bumbo seats.Β  They were as adorable back then as they are now.Β  I did not know you did DNA testing.Β  That is great that you were able to know for sure what everyone was undoubtedly asking you.Β 


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