Just a quick post, because I need to go to sleep. Thank goodness Sarah (the night nanny we got after Olga left to go on vacation) is here tonight. I’d forgotten to tell George that she was coming tonight, so when I mentioned it a few minutes before he arrived, he was so excited that we’d get to sleeeep. And then I had to say “April Fool’s!” He was not amused. At least it wasn’t really an April Fool’s joke. That would have been downright cruel.

Had a pretty low-key weekend. Went to a friend’s birthday party on Friday night (the boys came too) and then for most of the weekend we just cleaned. In preparation for the housecleaner that’s coming tomorrow afternoon. You know how that goes. I’m so excited about the cleaner – she’s a gift from some very dear friends who are paying for her to work her magic. Yay!

Lots of people think we should be famous or something for having identical triplets. I guess because I know so many other triplet moms with identicals (like these ladies, fr’instance) that it just doesn’t seem THAT unique. And kind of unfair if I get free diapers and they (or every other mom of triplets) don’t. I mean, what in the world did I do to deserve free stuff? I didn’t go through the heartache and pain that many moms of triplets have to go through, when their kids come from fertility treatments. I think sometimes I feel some kind of guilt for this. Having it come so easily to us. Talk about unfair. I could go on and on, but I won’t, because it can be a sensitive subject (duh) and if I do, I’d probably end up sticking my foot in my mouth at some point. But you get the idea.

So if we don’t get splashed all over the national news and if we don’t get years of free diapers, it’s okay. We already won the lottery. I mean, look:

(Is Miles giving Oliver a wet willie? Kinda looks like it.)

15 thoughts on “04/02/08

  1. Helen

    Ha! I was just looking at my stats for my website today and thought “why on earth are so many people getting to my blog through Pam’s?!” How fun that I’m linked in your blog! Love the picture 🙂


  2. Pam

    kris – a friend of ours made them for the boys, since my husband is a huge SW fan too. 🙂 she made them with white onesies and iron-on transfer printer paper. it’s fun!


  3. Jared & Becky

    Don’t feel guilty feel blessed instead! Mom’s have enough guilt 🙂 I am sure that won’t be the last wet willy. Enjoy those beautiful boys!


  4. BuckeyeBundle

    Don’t feel guilty at all…my triplets are from a “slight” help from a Dr. (only one round of shots, no IUI or IVF) and it makes me even more happy that good people are making cute adorable babies and making good parents…like you instead of struggling. It’s the ones that don’t appreciate what they have that I get annoyed with. Enjoy your boys! I love the SW onesies too!


  5. sayvandalay

    Awesome picture, awesome post. I think it is pretty amazing to have identical triplets without fertility treatment!


  6. Momma-of-5

    OH MY GOSH…I love love love the onesies! (why do I say everything in 3s? is it because of my triplets?)Enjoy your sleep!


  7. Gemini Girl

    they are adorable!!!!!!Yesterday, a mom of one looked at me and said that she has nothing to complain about with her one baby- seeing as though I have twins. But now, I have to tip my hat to you- I have nothing to complain about since there are triplet moms out there!BTW- My daughters were 30 week preemies and physically, they too have caught up to other 5 month olds, but developmentally they are btwn 3-4 months old. Dont worry, your boys will catch up!


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