Merry Christmas Eve!

We have been having an amazing time on our trip so far, but I didn’t bring my laptop so I won’t be posting much until we get home. But I can’t resist sharing a few from my phone….

On a walk in Caerleon
Off to visit St Fagans in Wales
Linus doesn’t want to take a pic with me
Miles at the seaside in Barry Island (Wales)
On the train to Cambridge
On the train
In front of the crickety clock in Cambridge
Punting in Cambridge
Daddy and his boys
Mince pies!

More Keswick

Just to round out the Lake District portion of our trip…some more photos of sheep, and other stuff we did.


Note: This is the first in a long series of posts about our trip to England. So be prepared.

It seems that houses in England (outside of London, at least – I never noticed this in the city) have names. And on the outside of almost every house is a sign with the name. I don’t know exactly what purpose this serves – are they useful? Part of the address? Or just a quaint tradition? Either way, I couldn’t help taking photos when I could. These are all from houses in and around Keswick.

Blogging from a hilltop

George and I just hiked to the top of this hill. The views are unbelievable. Not sure how we’re going to get down. Gravity!

Click on this!

Some things.

Just booked George a ticket to the UK for this summer! Yeah, I’m going with him, but I used frequent flier miles for his ticket, and I’m just kind of keeping an eye on ticket prices for a few days before I book mine. There’s plenty of availability on all of the flights, but egads they’re pricey. I remember back in the olden days when a round trip ticket was under $800. I mean, yeah, it was more than a decade ago, but still.

We’re going to be spending half of our time in the Lake District in the outrageously picturesque village (is it a village? Or a town? I’m going to call it a village no matter what) of Keswick. I mean, come on…

The rest of the time will be spent in London. I cannot wait to go back. Just want to wander the streets and soak it all in. And find a bottle of Winter Pimm’s. I wonder if that will be impossible in June? Hmm.

Speaking of travel, I’m going to Las Vegas for a few days at the end of February for Kristina’s 40th. Woo hoo!

In other news…um, no other news, really. Here are some pictures I took with my phone yesterday.

Oh yeah, baby Jasper. I took some pictures of him for my friend Megan, even though I’m a little mad at him for being born two days late (is it too much to ask that he be born on my birthday? Ann Frances cooperated but nooooo he had to have is OWN birthday.) But he’s cute so I’ll forgive him.

I’m just going to post this one of him. Mardi Gras baby!


Oh yeah, one more thing. Today, January 20 is not only marks seven years since the boys’ due date, but also 40 since mine. Random.